On The Rocks: A Single Malt
or A Stranded Soul?

...the Choice is Yours!


Anantram Ganapati

This is a book that will appeal to readers who are serious about understanding their relationships with people especially the opposite sex, including those with their spouses! The subtitle – An Insightful Journey into Nurturing Enduring Relationships, suggests in a nutshell what to expect. However, do not be surprised by the depth to which the book delves into the nitty-gritties of every stage of these relationships and the revelations that the author makes, many that are culled from his own life and that of the people he has dealt with in the past and continues to deal with even now.

There are a few hard hitting truths and realities that are exposed in all their naked glory, with plenty of humour weaved in. In fact, many of these have been under a cloak of secrecy or serious neglect, just because nobody cared or dared! In a way, this book will take you on a ride that you are already on; at the start, midway or at the end, it does not matter. What matters is that you enjoy every bit of it through all its twists and turns! And, if you are still wondering when to get on to the rollercoaster, take a few days more, but pick up this book and see if it relates to you, and do heed to the sage advice within.

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