About the Author

Anantram Ganapati is a Chemical Engineer, MBA with a total of 39 years experience in the manufacturing industry and in the field of training and education. He is currently a Certified Life Coach Practitioner, Management Consultant and a Freelance Advisor. He is also the Chairman of an NGO, Rohit Memorial Trust, which is into conducting cancer awareness programs, counseling patients and family, medical clowning and other social upliftment causes.

He spends his time in writing, developing and editing content for a digital marketing firm in addition to conducting training sessions on life skills, soft skills and preparing students for placement. He is widely travelled all over the world and has written several articles regarding his experiences.

His strengths are his outspoken nature and irrepressible sense of humour. These have got him into serious trouble with his spouse, family, friends, bosses, et al, but he couldn’t care less! His motto in life, “Never Say Die Say Damn!” that his grandfather had taught him when he was still in school, is what he lives by and attributes it to the respect and trust that he holds in society.